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need a lyme doc that gets pandas/pans

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Hi everyone,


dd11 and dd6 saw my lyme doc. i was never thrilled with him, but he believes in chronic lyme, gives long term abx (has spoken at ilads conf.)so i thought it would be ok. but he does not understand pandas/pans and difficult children in general. (when i told him that dd6 was refusing meds, and having bad meltdowns over it, his response was for her to "keep taking the medicine") anyway, i am frightened to just go to another doctor, with this bad hospital stuff going on.

i really do need a new llmd for them, but one that takes insurance. (as you all know thats another issue, currently have hp, but thinking to switch, we had a good run of ivig approvals with them, but i think we are at a dead end, cant even get office visits now)

any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks! i will post on the lyme forum too.

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Well I'm sure you know that the best pediatric Lyme dr. Is Dr. Jones. He's been doing it for literally 50 years. He is very well versed in PANS and has a close working relationship with Dr. Bouboulis and consults with him. Of couse, he is not covered by insurance and honestly I don't know of any LLMDs who are. It sucks. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. We just had our first visit with him last month. Good luck-

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Btw, we've also had an appointment with Dr. Bhakta, if you need any info regarding her. I can't seem to find anyone else who sees her but she is on the list of PANS/Lyme docs.


How was your appointment with Dr. Bhakta? We have never seen her but have been thinking about it.

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