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This Friday my daughter will have a fungal ball removed from her sphenoid sinus. I am cleaning her bedroom today so that she has fresh air to breathe moving forward. Our yellow lab sleeps in her room and the doctor said to get the dog out. So once I rid the room of dust and dog hair, replace the mattress (it's 19 years old), wash all fabric items, etc., I feel like I should run an air filter in her room to keep the air cleaner.


Any recommendations on air purifiers? Our doc recommended Air Oasis products.


In case you are wondering, I have considered mold. But to be honest, there isn't a darn thing I can do about it right now if I find mold b/c of financial constraints. So we will have to manage our environment in other ways.

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Adding a stupid question....


We sleep with our windows open at night. Only in the heat of the summer do we keep them closed because we use central air.


Can you run an air purifier with the window open or does it defeat the purpose of the filter?

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We use Honeywell Enviracaire Hepa Air Filter purchased from Amazon(we actually have two one upstairs and one downstairs). They have a smaller model too. Less costly. We've used our Air filters since October always on. My husband said it's too noisy. It really works great, we have a Yellow Lab and two guinea pigs and when these filters are on you can't smell anything but fresh air! I definitely notice when my husband sneaks and shuts it off.

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I spoke to a VIP from an ERMI company awhile back (mold testing people) and he recommended one with a Hepa filter (no ozone)

I got 2 Hepa air purifiers, one for master bedroom and family room (Winix) they are quiet-

for my daughter's bedroom, I got a Hepa air purifier (different brand) that also has a UV light in it- which claims to zap germs-

2 people that live here have seasonal allergies, and they claim that after I installed the air purifiers, their allergy season was better-

I am also a stickler for changing the heating/air conditioner filter often.

Have a Hepa vacuum cleaner.

We have no pets.

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