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PANDAS not being helped currently by zithro/augmentin

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What would you do? We are between health insurance and doctors at the moment....my 6 yr old son (PANDAS for 2 years) is on a typical weekly prophylactic dose of zithro for 6 months which really helped stop rages/behaviors. However, for the past month there is now nightly bedwetting, 45 minute ocd driven tantrums with rages several times a week, irritability, etc. We started a regular dose of Augmentin twice a day for 10 days then once a day after that. We're now just on the once a day augmentin dose just as of yesterday. No help has been seen with the Augmentin. I'm likely going to start giving the zithro more like every 4 days instead of every 7 days since that is when we start seeing behaviors. However, he's starting to have insomnia the nights that he takes zithro.

What would you do next?

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Are you sure there is not a new infection or illness causing problems? Yeast? Coxsackies Virus or any other illness that may not respond to your current antibiotic. Just a thought... this is what happened to our DS.




New illness...or perhaps a new strep carrier in the household? Get throat swabs on all family members.


I would also go for doing the azith daily (for at least a mo) to see if that helps. How many mg is he taking?

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