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I feel I'm close to having a mental breakdown. Any recommendations for natural supplements and/or prescription meds to help with the anxiety.

Thanks for any responses!


Oh my! Please take care of yourself! Can you get anyone to help you take some stuff off your plate for a few days so that you can downshift a bit?


Is your anxiety sort of always there . . . registering at a low hum/low RPMs . . . but you've just reached a saturation point now? Or is this a sporadic sort of thing . . . it comes and comes on strong, but then it will fade and not be overly-intrusive for an extended period? I ask, because I would probably have different suggestions, depending.


I have a family member who sometimes suffers from occassional but somewhat debilitating anxiety; he takes clonansepam on those occasions. I know others sometimes take valium or xanax for similar purposes.


Longer-term, I know SSRIs work for some, but not all. Officially diagnosed with PANDAS or PANS or no, I suspect methylation, immune, gut health, etc. play a role in how all of our brains work and process stress, etc., so unfortunately, that's kind of difficult to say.


Supplement-wise, we have found that valerian root will take the edge off for a short period . . . get you over a "hump," so to speak, and melatonin can quiet a mind so that you can get some sleep, too. We've just recently decided to try lemon balm based on another post here; I can't say whether I feel any specific results as of yet (my anxiety tends to hang at a low hum, probably 70% of the time, but I rarely get totally overwhelmed), nor have I seen any specific results in DS.


Finally, if you have any signs at all that you may be a person who's high in histamine (allergy response, reflux, etc.), I can't recommend a mere 20 mg. Pepcid enough. It has made such a difference in our DS, particularly with respect to that flash-anxiety, "fight or flight" sort of response to a trigger or situation he finds highly agitating. It seems so simple, yet so effective.


Sorry you're experiencing this; please take care! Many cyber hugs headed your way!

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Back when DS was first dx'd with lyme, we got his dx the 2nd week of Oct., my mom died the 3rd week of Oct and I was laid off the 4th week of Oct. But even before then, my close friends were gently suggesting I get on meds b/c they were worried about me. I jokingly refer to it as my nervous breakdown but only half in jest. I don't want to ever get that low again. I had such a tenuous hold on things. I was so very, very exhausted. Once I was done crying over all the "events" I was numb and empty for about 6 months. It's like it was just too much effort to feel sad or cry or feel much of anything. I knew I should be scared but that would've taken too much energy that I didn't have.


I totally get how you could be feeling. For me, sleep and time were most important (and kids healing). But 1) gaba or 2) tryptophan plus tyrosine were my go-to supps for bad days. Indulged myself in 50 Shades of Gray and the Unfinished Garden (a Harlequin with the main character having contamination OCD - the author is a cyber friend of mine). I normally read "The Pathogenesis of Strep" so for me to read trash was quite a change. But it was a good escape. I also watched/read some Brenee Brown http://books.google.com/books?id=0bvm3UgSlQcC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false and http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html and Byron Katie http://www.byronkatie.com/ and Richard Bach's Illusions (same guy who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull) http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/17906145/166780938/name/Illusions_By_RichardBach.pdf


You should also try to get out and reconnect with your former life. You've given so much of yourself to DD these past years. It's no wonder you're empty. You need to take from others who can recharge you. It isn't easy at first, but the more you dust off those neglected parts of your life, the better you start to feel. It can't all be about disease and train trips to CT. Email me if you want to vent more. :wub: :wub:

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I am so sorry you are feeling this way. It all takes a toll eventually. I have had a really hard winter. Feeling extremely depressed. Finally I have broken down and started myself on Lexapro. I do feel better but not completely back to my old cheerful self. I'm thinking that may come with some warm weather and sunshine. I hope you will be able to find some sort of relief whether it is supplement or medical. It is perfectly normal to wear out after all you have been through. You deserve a break. It would do you a world of good to get away for a few days for a little R&R. Is that possible? Thinking of you and hoping you get some peace.



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Lexapro got me through a very tough time for about 8 months. I still suffer from PTSD, but it is worse during the anniversary time of the Christmas holiday because that is when our DS woke up a different child and our life never returned to normal. I know how you feel. I can't hold it together as well as I used to now a days.


Prayers to you!


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Another thought . . .


If your depression is possibly linked a SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or even just some "winter blues" because of the decreased options for getting outside, sunshine, etc. . . .


We invested in one of these a few years ago for DS, and it definitely helps his getting up in the cold, dark winter mornings. Then DH purchased one this year for himself, feeling as though he needed a little "boost" given our ever-dreary weather of late!


Happy Light

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750 mg of GABA before bedtime works wonders for me. I also dose B-12 injections 3x/week. I have been in bad places with anxiety when my son was at his worst 6 years ago and I had to take an SSRI for 2 years.


Be good to yourself. Get out and do something for yourself everyday - even if it means getting a cup of tea or coffee at the drive-thru and sitting in your car with music or something to read.


Hang in there.

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I have had great success with Stress releif tabs: http://www.iherb.com/Planetary-Herbals-Stress-Free-810-mg-90-Tablets/1599


And recently I have tried lemon balm also: http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Melissa-Capsules-100-Count/dp/B00020HQU0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362531209&sr=8-1&keywords=lemon+balm+%2B+melissa


St Johns wort works well for many as well.


For longer term, an SSRI + one of these for peek anxiety would probably work well together.


I am starting a yoga program for pain relief as well, and I think it will help with stress as well http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Rest-Us-Easing-Peggy/dp/B007G95HDI/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1362531420&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=easy+yoga+for+easing+pain.


There are some good relaxing videos on YouTube as well if you can take a few minutes several times a day.


I am going to learn how to meditate when I get a few minutes alone.


Good luck and hope you all get to a better place soon.

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Thanks to everyone. I will look into the supplements/meds mentioned.


Nancy- Yes, feeling like I reached a saturation point. I don't think I'm high in histamine (no allergies, never had reflux - only occasional sinus infections), but I do have the pepcid on my list of things to consider with dd during the summer.


LLM- Yes, I remember your dispair and felt the pain you were going through after your son's IVIG. I am so fortunate to have my parents still with me, and my mother has been my rock, taking the trek to CT every 8-10 week with us. I guess since this has been going on so long (chronic now since 2009 - but started years before) I just don't feel strong anymore. I feel wrong for even posting this, because I know in many ways she's not as severe as most situations here (at least not anymore). It's just so much work!!! I have lost a lot of weight from not eating- but still jiggly (so not a good thing), grinding my teeth, knots in my stomach, tired all the time - only sleep 4 hrs night. Always worried about dd's health and future. When the stress gets too much for my husband, he inadvertely gets on my case regarding the things not getting done around the house (his form of ocd under pressure). Okay, this pity party is too long - sorry.


We are post IVIG right now, so in that rocky period. Lately it has been tough after the IVIG's again. That went away for a while, so I thought we may be done with the immediate increase of symptoms afterwards. I think her infection load is gaining strength once again, since she is only on Amox and still dealing with the lyme. We cant try any supplements, antibiotics, exc, right now why we continue to struggle to get her to school. Yes, this has been going on all year, and most of last year too. She has a severe phobia of school. Also has a severe vomiting phobia. We spent the last six months practicing throwing up different materials, viewing rate my vomit, talking about it, and she still has the phobia. Severe. Two nights ago she had a nightmare so bad that she was rocking and shaking. I just cuddled her for awhile to calm her back to sleep. The next day I asked if she would discuss her nightmare with me - she told me she was watching a tv show where the person was vomiting and she couldn't turn it off. It just cycled over and over. poor kiddo.


Anyway, if you lasted this long, I apologize. I think we are the most amazing parents- anywhere. I think I just need a little help right now- even if from a pill.

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I sent you a PM, but also wanted to mention epsom salts baths. They are a good detoxer and I know for some kids, they have been helpful in calming anxiety. And just the act of closing the door, being alone for 20-30 minutes and soaking in hot water is calming in and of itself!

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