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Appt. with Dr.J coming up

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Hello folks


Dd6 has the long awaited appt. with Dr.J in two weeks. Just wondering what we can expect at this first appt. She had labs done with IGenex in August and tested pos. for LYME & Bartonella.

She has been on a combo of Azithromycin & Cipro daily since August. I was hoping for a one & done appt. with Dr.J. Is it naive to think that? We Dr.B every 6-8 weeks to manage PANDAS.


Getting a little anxious for the appt now. Can anyone recommend some place to stay near Dr.J?




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Hi Teri, we just had our appointment with him three weeks ago. You have done Igenex so you won't need that but he will still take blood, in his office, so be prepared for that! That was a surprise to us and it took our dd a little bit of time to stop freaking out. They do have numbing cream though, that they will apply if needed. He will do a VERY thorough physical exam which I find is something the pandas docs don't do generally. And he looks specifically for Lyme physical issues. He will go over history but I'm sure you've already sent back the patient package and summary? Just make sure to send him all the labs you've had done and anything you want him to know before your visit so he will be prepared. Also have a list of questions you want to ask him! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions - good luck!


Oh and I think there was hotel info in the patient package he sends out.

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I highly recommend the Suites at Yale New Haven. They are well appointed, clean, spacious. There is a large kitchen/living area and a separate bedroom with two double beds. When we stayed there last summer it was $99/night.




If I remember correctly, the first visit is a couple of hours long. Follow ups are usually an hour. We go to him every four months.



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