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Can Cam Kinase be high due to Lyme?

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Does anyone have high Cam Kinase and think its due to lyme and tic born illnesses?


My son's Cam Kinase score was 126. High but not too high; not nearly as high as Dr. L. was expecting based on symptoms (initially thought to be "just" Pandas). After receiving the lyme diagnosis, I e-mailed Dr. C. with the update. She replied "His CaM score is so low that I suspect that the disease manifestations were primarily due to the infection alone and not as much to autoimmune responses..."


Professional courtesy caveats - her reply was simply a professional opinion at the time and not (nor was it meant to be) a diagnosis of any type. That was two years ago so I do not know how the last two years of research might change her response.

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One dd was 118 (thought to be lowered due to her high taurine intake at the time) and the other was around 175 (can't remember exact number). Both had PANDAS symptoms and have been diagnosed with lyme. Both still react to strep but oldest dd with the highest cam k reacts the strongest and gets strep all the time still.



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