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Dd has been doing great. Very functional. Saw a homeopath to ensure proper immune system function so that we could proactively keep the immune system in check. Gave one dose of prescribed homeopathic remedy and now dd is suffering from restrictive eating, OCD, emotional lability...is this to be expected? Did we just screw up everything we've worked so hard to repair?


I will call homeopath tomorrow but I thought perhaps someone here may have some insights.

Thanks in advance for your expertise.

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Mary -- we have treated quite successfullly with homeopathy. prior to PANDAS, i used homeopathy for myself and my kids for the normal minor illnesses with success. for PANDAS, we work with an integrative MD. i would definitely suggest someone trying to treat significant issues work with a qualified practicioner.


i assume you are talking about a traditional, constitutional approach where the homeopath took much information and suggested a remedy based on your son's constitution. we use more of a sequential approach, where the remedies are used more like traditional meds to treat conditions. but, we have used a constitutional approach also. our doc does both. generallly, those with a constitutional approach usually don't agree with doing both, nor with a sequential approach.


IMO, a naturopathic approach to treatment can very much result in a herx-like reaction. i think it is more talked about and expected in naturopathic world than in traditional medicine. it is often referred to as a "healing crisis". it may be that there is still something in his body that would cause this for him that has been in a latent state and the remedy has brought it to the forefront.


we began treating ds while still in the throes of pandas, so we were still in a very much wax and wane posiition, so unlike your son who it sounds like was in a remission state when you began treating -- is that correct?


my ds had his most severe symptoms in relation to a homeopathic remedy for a virus. he had severe contamination eating refusal. he drank just enough to keep himself out of the ER. it was maybe 5- 7-10 days-ish - i think i've blocked a lot of it from my mind. we were working closely with our doc during this time. it was quite scary b/c it involved eating/drinking refusal and at the time, ds was maybe 50 lbs and had NO room to spare. our doc saw him maybe on the 2nd day and was confident it was brought on by the remedy and would pass quickly.


what is the remedy? i'd say definitley get in touch with the homeopath -- they may want to change something or see him. certainly cannot say all is okay for you and i find restrictive eating issues ones that MUST be paid close attention to, BUT, in our experience, we did experience what you are describing, it was in relation to the remedy, and it passed -- although not without trauma to us all during that time - and ds has not experienced such symptoms since -- even when put back on that viral remedy a year or so later.


Good luck!!!

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Thanks so much for responding. I did believe it to be a herx of sort but this forum always reassures me, that's why I posted. The homeopath we are using works in our integrative/biomedical doctor's practice. She is collaborating all homeopathic care with the main Dr. I sent her an email. She is out of town at a conference but advised us stop using the remedy (dd was to take 3 pellets once per week for a month). We will not give another dose until we see the homeopath again per her suggestion.


I guess I'd be more willing to experience a "healing crisis" when school is out for the summer and there are fewer exposures to illness. This is a not a good time to mess with her system as she had been pretty much in "remission". I do want to support her body with the remedies but perhaps there is a better time of year to proceed.


I truly appreciate your wisdom in this regard. Thank you for responding to my post!

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sorry Mary -- i somehow missed it that you were talking about your daughter, not son!

did the symptoms go away or slow with stopping the remedy?


Girl/boy...doesn't matter...it's the PANDAS that we all share.


But to answer your question....yes, the symptoms have pretty much subsided which makes me think this was a crisis healing event/herxing. We will see the homeopath next week but will not take another dose. The doses for homeopathy are so diluted it is hard for me to wrap my mind around it being such a significant reaction. We have used homeopathy for illness in the past (colds, fevers, even warts). The homeopathy would seem to decrease the symptom severity but I would not say that in the past we saw such a marked change...from one dose...for so many days. When we used it for warts, it took weeks for the warts to begin to change and months for them to be gone. This was such an overnight event. But for our dd PANDAS was overnight...so perhaps the constitutional method made her react this way. I might also add that the homeopath was concerned about finding just the right constitutional remedy. She really researched my dd, her symptoms, spoke with both of us at great length, had both of us fill our numerous documents, surveys, interviewed us for hours. She did her homework but with the complexity that is PANDAS...she came up with 3 separate remedies to try at very slow intervals over the course of the next 3-6 months, one at a time. Perhaps we started with the wrong remedy. Perhaps the healing crisis is not to be avoided...in any case, this time of year is probably not the best time to tinker with anything if she is functional.

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