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Took the dog for a walk. Let her get into some of the higher grass because after all - we've had sleet/snow/ice just the other day. Today only got to 45.....The winter has been much colder for longer spells than my wife and I remember recently. Apparently not cold enough long enough.


Found a deer tick on her chest 10 minutes after coming inside. Have already put some tick stuff on her and checked myself.


I live in Northern VA.

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Thank you for posting this reminder that the ticks are not dying off during the winter as we were once told they do. We live in Northern Virginia as well. This area has a very dense tick population that seems to be flourishing in our environment. I approach nature in this area as if ticks are living and biting all year around!

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My town is overrun with Geese, I mean thousands, and the town wants to euthanize them but animal rights advocates are up in arms. Geese are a known vector for ticks, I am convinced my 3 YO got infected at our library pond that has lots of geese. Deer population is out of control as well, I read somewhere a town had successfully all but erradicated Lyme by eliminating the deer population. If you combine this proliferation of animals, with the stuff that is proposed in Lab 257 about how our government (sorry I hate to sound paranoid but this book is pretty convincing) propogated ticks and Lyme, then Bill I am sad but not suprprised.

I am going to have my lawn sprayed this year.

Fortunately Virgina has just passed a new bill about how to inform patients about Lyme, given whay you all are finding in your yards in February!

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