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Mold Air Testing ARticle

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Although this article references Ritchie Shoemaker it fails to mention the real ERMI testing.

Shoemaker is a big proponent of ERMI testing like the kind performed by Mycometrics


All mold spores tend to fall and settle out on horizontal surfaces. So mycometrics offers a sterile test kit that you attach to your vacuum cleaner. You vacuum a specific area, reseal the canister and send it in for analysis. Another way of perform this test is to put out a large clean plastic garbage type bag and place it on an elevated surface like a cleaned off table. You let all dust settle on to it and then clean it with a swiffer. Swiffers are electronically charged so they pick up all dust and spores. You then put the swiffer in a clean plastic baggie and send it for analysis.

Shoemaker has recommended this method for years. I am surprised that this article, while referencing Shoemaker failed to at least discuss these methods. I noticed they were willing to sell a special "HEPA" vacuum cleaner for $200 for vacuuming testing when all that is needed is the sterile canister or the swiffer method.


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