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Are you talking about the subcutaneous injections? My understanding is that these are actually very bad for PANDAS kids because they are not high dose. Dr. Jones recently explained that too low of a dose can actually cause things to get worse. I am no expert on this so I am sure you will get more concrete explanations from others!

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The IVIG dose that addresses autoimmune issues is very high. Usually the dose is 2g of IG per 1 kg of body weight. The reason for the high dose is that it somehow regulates the immune system by flushing out the bad (or "auto" or "self") antibodies that are attacking the brain - the is the theory, at least. Subcutaneous IG is administered by inserting needles under the skin and the medicine is slowly infused under the skin and eventually absorbed by the body. High doses cannot be administered this way.


I am unaware of injectable IG.

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