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Toxoplasma and OCD


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It's not about being immunocompro used. If you are immunocompromised - you are in luck, because you will be diagnosed.

If you are immunocompetent, you firms micro cysts in basal ganglia that are not detectable by MRI. The serology is simple and the treatment is cheap and effective.

Unfortunately, most psychiatrists practice in their sleep and are not trained in medicine.

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The serology is simple and the treatment is cheap and effective.

maliee, could you elaborate please? Thanks to you and LLM for the articles. DD11 is positive for bartonella, IND for lyme, negative twice for babesia (igenex) with no real babs symptoms (they all seem to be bartonella). Her bartonella titers are decreasing with treatment. Rifampin/biaxin decreased her ticcing to a good baseline (but still there). Azithromycin/minocycline was a pretty good combo as well, but it wasn't until we added malarone that everything (ticcing, age appropriate behaviour) has improved greatly, tindamax causes herxes. She has a terrible affinity for cats. She crawls all over them, lets them lick her mouth and face. I have to pull her off every one she sees, it's just nasty. I can't let her go to the homes of friends with cats, because she is so inappropriate with them, and it doesn't matter what I say to her, she can't keep herself away. Anyway, it makes me wonder about toxo. She definitely fits the female behavioural profile for the infection.
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Interesting! I've noticed that a lot of regiments causing improvement include an Used for babesia, however it would only partially treat toxo - it requires antoprotozoan and clindamycib for neortoxoplasmosis.


When my son was 15, he took Mefloquin for malaria prophylaxis while traveling to Nepal. He became paranoid with hallucinations - luckily his guides saw it many times over the years, the drug wore off and he was fine for the rest of the trip. I think it was herxing.


If you google toxoplasmosis and OCD, there is ton of info. Note that in one of the studies above, children were treated just with antimalerian/ antibiotics with no psych meds or intervention, and improved.

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