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Hi all, I finally got my sons results back for 23and me. I'm pretty sure my son has PANS more than PANDAS. On his genetics he was at high risk for auto-immune diseases. PANS-PANDAS is considered a auto-immune disease. My sons genetics showed no genes for Tourettes and yes they test for that..His genes were more in auto-immune. Which I always thought because my oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes and more auto-immune runs on my side of the family. My sons genes also showed add, adhd genes high for him..I already knew that!

I put his raw data in Genetic Genie. It will show mutations in genes, like Doctor AMY Yasko uses for her Autism program. Your mutations in your genetics takes out the guessing games and it will help you choose what supplements to use and not use, to support your m-system. I am going to put my sons mutations on here. I would love to compare with other parents who got 23and me done on their PANS+PANDAS children and got there gene mutations. I would like to see if there are any simarlities in mutations and see if PANS-PANDAS kids shared any simarlities. It would be interesting to know.

Here are my sons mutations=+/+BHMT-08; MAO R297R

+/-VDR Taq; VDR Bsm; MtHFR A1298C; MTRR A66G; MTRR R415; BHMT-02; BHMT-04; CBS C699T; SHMT1 C1420T

+/+ means you got double muations(from both parents) and +/- means 0ne mutation from one parent. Amy Yasko has lots of information on it. Lots to learn...

Anyways, hope to compare with some of you. Thanks..:)

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Just curious about something. My son took part in a genetic study through Harvard Med. Ctr. last year. They are looking for the gene that indicates Tourette Syndrome so they can develop a blood test for diagnosis and better treatment. If they don't know what the gene is yet, how can 23andme say that you do/do not have TS? I am thinking of getting the 23andme test for my son. What exactly did it say re TS? Thank a lot.

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