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Can a tonsillectomy CAUSE Pandas?

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My 5 yo non - pandas child is likely having her tonsils out next week. We have read lots of comments about doing the sterilizing run of abx prior to the procedure in a PANDAS child. We can't find anyone who will prescribe that for her, as she is 1) not a pandas patient and 2) does not currently have a throat infection.


So I wonder if anyone has heard of a tonsillectomy actually causing pandas in an otherwise healthy child? Obviously we are concerned because we already have one PANS child and know there is an increased risk for the little one based on that.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't believe it can cause PANDAS in a child who has never had an episode before, but who knows. As far as ABX goes, try speaking to the surgeon about it. It was standard practice in the past to provide abx before and after a T&A removal. Nowadays they seem to try to avoid abx wherever possible, but you can simply ask for IV abx on the day of the surgery and the anesthesologist should accommodate you.

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