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TACA one day conference near Philly

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Please give us the cliff notes! Sounds like a great opportunity - like a day of chocolate without the calories. Let us know what goodies you learn about!

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posted with permission



April 6, 2013,


Malvern, PA






i'm planning on going -- please anyone else who is, let me know!!!

Darn...I wish I had seen this back in Feb. I would have loved to have planned to go. I'm not very far away, but I can't do it that weekend.


Please take good notes. And...why have I heard of Dr. Usman? Where is he out of? That name sounds very familiar.

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I forgot all about this. I'm trying to rearrange my schedule to come at noon. I still think the $35 registration fee will be well worth It, even if to see the last few speakers (includes Nancy O'Hara). Am I aloud to show up late if I pre register online?

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