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Can someone remind me, have we ever discussed whether using one or the other, PEX or IVIG (if both were available) -- if one might be "best" depending on a child's symptoms?


For example, if a child has ticcing or ODD/OCD might one, or the other, be more effective for some reason? Anorexia? erc.


I wonder what the NIH study is showing re: the "most readily eradicated" symptoms with IVIG ? and those which seem to linger.



I wonder if Dr Swedo might consider having a meeting at NIH for Ps parents as she presents findings from the most recent study. Could be interesting to have a round-table of parent discussion.

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Hey tmom-


hope all is okay....


I know that separately, Dr T, Dr L and Dr Swedo all have stated that PEX is the "gold standard" for pandas treatment. I think that IVIG is possibly more popular because it is cheaper, more readily available, and perceived as less risky. I would actually think that Dr L might be the best to answer this, because she has the most experience using both treatments with pandas kids.


Know this is probably not the actual facts that you are looking for....

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