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Intense Itching


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I am curious if any of your children or anyones tics is "scratching/wiping/itching"?


My 4 year old complains of intense itching "all over his body" - his face, wrists, legs, hands, feet, eyes etc...


I am at a loss since I am not sure if it's sensory or something really is making him itchy? I did talk to a PANDAS specialist too who says it might be an infection and we are going to test for it. But most of the time, it comes when he is excited or relaxed, like when reading a book...


My son also did come back with elevated liver enzymes (ALT and AST - slightly elevated) Alk Phosphatase several times the normal.


Anyone have any experience with it? I feel so helpless watching him itch and I can't do anything about it.


Thank you!

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This happened to my son once. He was scratching furiously all over for a few minutes. A couple other times, he has suddenly felt like ants were biting him. I didn't see these as tics, but did see them as something going haywire in his nervous system. It's only happened a few isolated times & very briefly, so I haven't asked any doctors about it.

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Hi - my PANDAS ds has fairly constant, all over body itching. For him it seems to peek over the night and into the morning but he always itches. At times we thought he had some relief in response to abx or flucanazole (he is a yeasty child) but I dunno.. perhaps just waxing and waning. When we asked our immunologist, he felt it was just idiopathic itching.. so not very helpful.


We do have angiodema in the family (sudden, normally facial swelling/anaphalaxis with no identifiable trigger), so the abberrant allergic repsonse is there in the family.


We tried Cromolyn which is a mast cell stabiliser and he seemed to itch less but he was 4 at the time and you have to dose 4 times a day in a 1/2 glass of water so compliance was tough and also not easy to work out how useful it was for him. I might try it again for him now he's a bit older and we can better measure success.


Good luck in sorting it out...

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