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IgG subclass 4

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My youngest son is again in a flare and as I look back through his bloodwork for the past several years one marker stays high in all testing. IgG subclass 4 . My sons is 160 the range is .04-98 . Its always that high going back to 2010.


I did some research and found it is indicative of pancreatic autoimmune disease.

I have asked about this marker before but was told it could also indicate chronic infection. Duh I know that. But my son does have a lot of abdominal pain and gi problems and a positive ana titer.


I have an appt with specialist in a few weeks for him, but wanted to know if anyone else on the forum has any experience with this marker. My son clearly has symptoms of autoimmune disease non specific and ofcourse PANDAS.


he has a history since birth of chronic infections including strep, staph, myco and impetigo. GI dysbosis, acid reflux, occasionally joint pain, every symptom of PANS/PANDAS and he has a lymph node enlarged behind his right ear for over two years.


The mayo clinic site lists most of those symptoms under Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) as an increasingly recognized type of chronic pancreatitis.


Another rabbit trail... or something to it. Any feedback appreciated. Thank you.

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My son has high IgG subclass 4. Its not been checked since Dr T checked them all 2 yrs ago. I'm about to ask a new doctor we are seeing in two week to run these again. Dr T told me it indicated allergies. It was 129 but the range goes to 121 at the lab where it was done.


My son does not show any signs of pancreatic autoimmunity. He's rarely sick.


I never checked into what this meant. One more thing to do.


Should have also said none of the other markers were elevated.

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