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Re-posting from the MTHFR Support Facebook page:


The Work of Dr. Amy Yasko Teleseminars


Tuesdays at 5:00pm PST, 6:00pm MST, 7:00pm CST and 8:00pm EST


The dial in number is 805-399-1000


The participant access code is 380752


Welcome everyone! My name is Tricia Stenzel and I will be moderating this series of teleconferences on "The Work of Dr. Amy Yasko". These teleconferences will be happening every Tuesday evening, 5:00pm PST, 6:00pm MST, 7:00pm CST and 8:00pm EST starting January 22, 2013.


As some of you know I used to be an Officer/Patient Advocate with a Lyme Disease Organization. I have had numerous people come to me about why they are not getting well from their various health issues. I wanted to help these people, and I also wanted to recruit the best Doctors in my opinion to help us understand what is going on with our bodies and explain things to us so that we can better heal. I am honored that Dr. Amy Yasko has asked Dr. Nancy Mullan and Mrs. Erin Griffin to help us with this. I would like to thank Dr. Yasko for her brilliant work and for asking us to present these teleconferences.


The topic for January 22, 2013 is


Your Single Most Important Biochemical Process: Methylation


Your body has a "traffic light" for its biochemical pathways. Dr. Nancy Mullan, with Mrs. Erin Griffin, discuss how it can work well, what can go wrong and what that means for you.


You can listen to the call and see the slides that Dr. Mullan will be explaining by logging on to




Enter your email address and name to log in.


This one's for YOU!


We want your input. We would like you to tell us what you want to know. We want to know if you need something repeated. You can send your questions to patriciastenzel@gmail.com Your questions can be about anything. They do not have to be about the particular week's conference subject. The teleconference will last approximately one hour. There will be approximately one half hour of lecture and then I will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Mullan and Mrs. Griffin your questions. We will be adjusting what we are doing as we go along to make this teleconference the most satisfying experience for you. I urge all of you to listen to this important information.


The conference call in number is (805) 399-1000.


The participant access code is 380752


This is a US toll based phone number and depending on your long distance provider you may be charged for this call. You may have unlimited long distance. If you do not, long distance charges will apply.


All teleconferences will be recorded.


Call 805-399-1099 to hear a replay of the teleconference


This and other pertinent information will be posted on Dr. Mullan's Facebook page, my Facebook page and Dr. Yasko's Facebook page.

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