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Do you mean could you have passed it to your wife who then passed it via placenta to your son? -Yes, male to female transmission is far easier than the reverse. Since lyme is a spirochete like syphillis it can act very much in the same way only lyme has far more DNA than Syphillis.


There are confirmed cases of congenital lyme as well as other tick born infections being passed via placenta to child in utero. Babesia is one that come to mind.

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FWIW, I asked Dr J about this and he said kids with congenital Lyme have extreme issues, extreme floppiness (cannot hold head up etc). My personal and completely unscientific theory is that parents infected with Lyme have kids that are more succeptible. My kids both have Lyme, one chronic and one recent case with a bite kind enough to leave a bullseye rash calling card that was not cured with six weeks of abx. A friend of mine also has the exact same situation with her two kids. There must be a reason for our kids getting sick and not others, either genetic or some exposure that left them vulnerable.

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I've read and heard Dr. J talk about kids with gestational Lyme and the symptom he attitudes. We have three children with gestational Lyme and none of our children meet his criteria. They had many other symptoms.... some severe and some mild. Both of our twins had very distinct rashes that appeared as early as one week old and can be seen in almost any photo. One child had aneurysms at 5 months old. Older son had balance issues but was not floppy at birth and developmentally normal until annual vaccinations and strep illness at 5 1/2 years old. We also 'now' have many friends with children that have gestational Lyme and similarly most were not very symptomatic until another illness, vaccination or major injury 'broken arm' that triggered cascade. Some did struggle with things like repeat pneumonia's but eventually could not sustain recovery easily.


Both my husband and I are positive for Lyme. DH had very minimal symptoms but still present. We both had exposure growing up and are not sure if one of us gave it to other. However, I had no symptoms until about one year after we started dating. My symptoms worsened with each pregnancy. As a side note, my children are not all fully related to me but were carried in-utero by me. Two are donor egg so the genetics are very different and all three children are sick with some similarities that I believed are possibly due to male verse female.

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I'm confused how my kids got it too, but I'm starting to find out that their immunology testing shows low immunity. Common variable immune deficiency therefore, they could have contracted lyme and any other parasite because they are vulnerable to infection.


Was your son sick before the PaNDAS? Was he a sick kid? i.e. ear infections, throat infections, etc. My kids were.


Like SFMOM I got sicker with each pregnancy and got real sick when my youngest was 3 at the very same time he was showing signs of being very sick. Surprisingly I am doing much better now with naturals alone whereas my kids are just uncovering more layers of medical issues with antibiotic treatment but are dependent on antibiotics to stay stable. Naturals don't cut it for them.


I know your son has lots of stomach pain and weakness did the dr. rule out a flagella bacteria?

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Anymore I think anyone and everyone in the USA could have Lyme disease/ co infections.

Its how healthy your immune system is.

The Vaccines for sure throw your child over the cliff if they were born with lyme disease. Its just too much for their systems to handle and all the toxic metals, viruses

just wreck havoc on their tiny systems, and undeveloped Neuro system.


I have heard that staff working in a Lyme DR's office, were all without any symptoms of Lyme, within months of working in the office around

all the lyme pts coming in, they developed lyme too. The DR felt like its even airbourne!


It can be passed through not only sexual contact probably less rare but salvia, and tears as well.

So give yourself a break and leave guilt at the door about who could have passed it on to the babies, and center your life on the healing. :P

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