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Is Copper an issue for PANDAS?

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Unbelievable. Trying to find a safe, non mind altering method of birth control and it is becoming impossible. Getting Implanon implanted birth control taken out today and thought an IUD would be great accept now I find it elevates copper levels. Will this create more problem? OK God, can you cut us a break please?????



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fcefexer -- i think you are wise to check into the copper issue. i've known for a long time my ds has a 'copper personality'. we have recentlly checked it out. one of our doc believes a large part of post-partum depression is copper overload. for ds, his zinc was deficient according to our doc who uses levels for 'best health' not 'medical health' and he was low but normal according to regular levels. his copper was okay -- but the ratio of zinc/copper was off -- which is important when discussing copper.


not saying you should not investigate as a form of birth control -- -- do you supp zinc currently? perhaps it would be something to investigate if you went with iud as form of birth control.


you may want to research william walsh -- not a doc but a chemist (i believe) who has done much research with difficult behaviors and minerals/neurotransmitters.

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I agree with Smarty. We originally tested for KPU in twins which was negative via urine analysis. Then we did blood analysis and zinc/copper ratios were off for both. Supplementing the 'right' vitamins was one thing that has really helped.


I would not recommend anything that can leach additional copper into ones system. Even use of copper pots we get enough through our diet. I've recently posted a good article about copper toxicity and its worth reading.

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