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Herx with coxsackie treatment?

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I know that some illnesses have no herxing while others have a lot while die off during treatment. What about herxing when treating coxsackie virus with Valtrex? Is herxing common with coxsackie die off? How long does it last and what helps? Ds began Valtrex last night and tics are already a bit better, but am wondering what to expect. Also how should we protect from yeast with this new medicine being added to augmentin XR? Probiotics weren't enough to protect him in the past when he was on multiple antibiotics in the past..

Thanks once again!


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I am for giving 30 day runs of Diflucan every once ina while. My son looks great on it which leads me to belive that we have encouraged some yeast with all of the years of abx. It is rather benign, milder that Nyastatin, from what I have been told.

I thought Nystatin was milder than Diflucan? I was told Difflucan can be tough on the liver.

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Increased tics after one day of valtrex. Does herxing accur with coxsackies? How long does it last?



3boys -- my ds doesn't so much have tics, so i don't know how things are different --- but, he experienced a severe, contamination fear, food restriction in relation to a herx-like reaction to an anti-viral. i think for him, viruses were a big part of his issues -- he was first pretty classic pandas with sudden onset, high titers and a posiitve culture. it was not coxsackies we were treating and not using valtrex -- but it was severe and lasted about a week to 10 days. he then just shed it -- it was gradual on-coming, a few days and was gradual going away -- but nothing we did caused it to come on or caused it to go away. we were working very closely with our doc at this time b/c it involved food restriciton. -- what does your doc have to say?

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