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Spike in symptoms on Wobenzym N


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My daughter has been on biaxin antibiotic for three years now. She continues to have minor flares when she is exposed to various viruses. Because of the flares I started her last week on Wobenzym N because it breaks through the biofilm and i was thinking that it would help the antibiotic work more effectively. She is in a pretty bad exacerbation right after starting it and its hard to know if its because of all the sickness at school which is always a trigger or the Wobenzyme N. Does anyone have any experience using the Wobenzyme N ?

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Yes and its a very powerful biofilm enzyme.


I definitely think the increase in symptoms is due to Wobenzyme getting at biofilms. When you are treating biofilms it can bring out almost any chronic infection or virus wrapped in biofilm. I would speak with your Dr. about increase in symptoms... Its very possible you he/she will want to make adjustments in protocol based on increase in symptoms.

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