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I'm sure that most parents on this board can identify a strep carrier pretty quickly based on how their child reacts when around someone. We have identified a strep family at least, although we think the carrier is the child in DDs class. DD has only 10 girls in her class and will be with these 10 girls for the next 8 years. One of the 10 is DD and 1 of the 10 is the suspected strep carrier. DH and I really don't know the carrier's family very well. Also, I should point out that I have a pretty mild personality especially when it comes to explaining "controversial" issues. What do you guys say when faced with a situation like this? I have had a discussion with the mom in the past about DD having an autoimmune disease but that's as far as I went. She didn't react with a resounding understanding but more of a bewildered "humph". Because of that I don't really think educating her will do much and I guess I'm insecure about being in a small class of 30 kids for the next 8 years...

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Definitely bring it up -- You cannot afford not to!


Our school was kind enough to put out requests for families to report if their child had strep -- regularly in the school announcements.


We were not told "who" but I knew that strep was pos. in someone and that was a big help.


I don't know why you believe the child might be a carrier, but honestly, if it was me and I felt that strongly about the possibility, I would definitely, privately, speak with the mom and ask if she wouldn't mind having her child tested. Start there -- and again, if it was me, I'd take some easy-read user friendly articles to help explain why you are so concerned about strep/PANDAS.


Good luck!

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