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Hello everyone

I wanted to share with you the effectiveness of iperico with tics.It is a natural antidepresant.This is how its called in Italy.

It has always workedwith my son aged 9to wipe tics out.

I have observed that when he is still sick with flu,cough or even diarrhea it doesn't work,but when overcomes his illness it helps a lot with

anxiety ,ocds ,mood and og course tics.

He is happy and so normal now :)


Sorry for lousy English, i did my best.

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Ssri and iperico increase the level of serotonin thats why they are not taken together.The advantage of iperico is that'natural and I have never observed any side effects.Actually my son is on abx profilaxy(benzil penicillina benzatinica -injection every 21 days and vit c.

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