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New B12 Product and anti-viral

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My dh has been enjoying the B12 injections but today dr. said they have found a product that works just as well without injections...


ReadiSorb B12. Just started ds on it today. Couple sprays under tongue daily. Red colored liquid. Front desk did not have price yet. Should find out in a day or two.


Also, trying something for viruses that seems odd...


BioDEmulsion forte... 2 days 4x day...pause 3 weeks...repeat. These are in drop form.


Anyone try these?


Have been using BioAMulsion for quite a while now.

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Hi - we've been using bioemulsion forte for a while now, 2 drops a day or so but not pulsed. Only using for vit d supplementation. Did the dr explain why it's good for viruses?

The dr. did not explain why the pulsing of the vit. D (of course she charges by the minute and knows that there is little insurance coverage so she tries to make appts. quick. :0). Did get the dosing wrong tho - 8 drops 4 times a day for 2 days only, pause 3 weeks, and repeat twice. Just picked it up today so will give it a try and report any favorable outcomes. :)


The B12 spray costs $35 for 2 oz. Apparently, not everyone muscles tests 'good' for them on this.


Dut-Hope things are going well for your family right now. So difficult to find time to get on this forum anymore. Take care. :)

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My son's doctor recently put my son on the Bio D-mulsion Forte (2 drops per day/every day) because of a low vitamin D number on 25-hydroxy Vitamin D test. He also put my husband and two daughters on it for the same reason (all had vitamin D numbers in the 20's). I didn't purchase any yet because I already had D-3 tablets in the house, so they are just using that up. My husband and daughters are doing fine on it--no better or worse, but it made my son very anxious, so we stopped it for him until I can talk to the doctor.


The interesting thing about my son is that a year ago when he was doing very poorly, he was also on the D-3 tablets. I didn't notice that they made him any better or worse because his OCD was so terribly out of control at the time. But his 25-hydroxy test went from 25 to 75. He is now doing very well, yet his 24-hydroxy is back in the 20's.


Thank you for the information about the Readisorb 12. I am going to ask my son's doctor about it. It would be much cheaper and would keep my son from having to take B-12 shots every three days.

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