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Pandas Flare-Up from Flu

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Hi....Son just had a mild flare up after having the flu. Other then giving Motrin (which I stopped after 2 weeks) and trying to keep his diet clean, what else have others done to help? This flare is not as bad as the last but as we wait to see Dr. B we are at a lose as how to treat it. Do people normally give antibiotics with a flare if the cause was viral? Any advise would be great. Our appointment with Dr. B is not for a few months and the peditrician is useless.

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We're about 10 days into Influenza A. DD, DH and I all swabbed positive. DD is on Augmentin and has been for the past six months. So far, she seems ok. She did have one really rough day were her OCD seemed to come back (clothing refusal + checking/reassurance), but that went away. We were doing ibuprofen. I have no idea if that helped. I've attempted to contact Dr. Murphy, our doctor, without much success. Apparently, she doesn't answer e-mails anymore + my phone call got returned by the nurse, who left me a vm to check with out pediatrician about Tamiflu. So, not helpful. I'm a little worried that the other shoe will drop in a week or so.

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