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Does your child by any chance take n-acetylcystein (NAC)? They're finding that it helps protect against and reduce the ferocity/duration of the flu.


NAC Fights the Flu


Experientially, we think our DS has benefitted from his NAC supplementation in this regard. Several of his classmates and a beloved teacher came down with a nasty flu right before winter break. His teacher was out for several days, and even when he came back, he was ragged and having a tough time. DS, meanwhile, came down with a cold-like virus which entailed one day of fever, and then he bounced back and was A-OK. He avoided the stomach component of the bug altogether, and the congestion cleared within 3 days.


Just a thought.


Hope he's better soon!

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My son had a negative reaction to tamiflu 3 yrs ago when H1N1 first hit the scene. After 1 dose, he developed clonus movements and described vertigo and was a little delirious. We discontinued and these issues resolved w/in 24 hrs.


My daughter tested negative for the flu last week but it sure looked like she had it - 101 fever for 2-3 days, congestion, unable to get off the couch for 5 days, not wanting to eat or drink. Tested her at the pedi - negative for flu - or at least for whatever strains their test looked for. To help her sleep one night, I gave her OTC children's cold medicine every 4 hrs as directed. She too developed clonus movements, got super spacy. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Got a rush appt with a neurologist the next day, who looked at the video I took, and felt it was probably an adverse reaction to the cold meds - anticholinergic toxicity that lowers dopamine too much and causes movement issues. It resolved w/in 24 hrs, tho DD remained moody/depressed/anxious over the weekend. (She was happy and calm this morning).


So maybe I just have hyper-sensitive kids. But the moral of the story is that if you see a negative reaction, if you stop the tamiflu, the symptoms should resolve. But do keep a close eye. There have been reports of serious behavioral reactions. Guess you need to weigh pros and cons depending on how seriously the flu is impacting your son right now.

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