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Chances are what you are talking about is pin worms, a very common childhood ailment. They are little worms that hang out around the rectum and itch like crazy! They usually are treated very quickly with a prescription. Most kids get them from getting dirt under their nails and then ingesting the tiny eggs. They aren't a big deal, but ironically I know a pandas child whose parents thought he had a rectal tic... Turned out it was pin worms :)

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My mom (a nurse) used to give us "spring tonic" every year. Sometimes the neighbour kids would come over for some too. I found out a while ago that it was actually an intestinal dewormer added to Tang. What was in it, I don't know.


I don't think these types of intestinal worms are passed to the baby during development, and really only cause malnutrition in the host, which I suppose could effect the growth of a fetus. I believe other types of parasites, protozoa etc., can be passed on congenitally.

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