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Ok...had a chance to look back. Unfortunately, I did not take any notes...apparently I just listened.


But the name of the presenter was Jenny C. Yip, Psy. C. She is the Executive Director of the Renewed Freedom Center for Rapid Anxiety Relief.

Here is a link to her profile and their website. Perhaps she would be willing to share some other examples...






Sorry to take so long to get to this...I still would have to look back at my notes to get more details.


The scenario she mentioned was just what you said, but she did it in stages if I remember correctly.


First, she said "imagine your child has been missing for 12 hours and you were expected to do your work as if nothing was wrong.


Then, after she got us to visualize that and feel it this best we could, she said, now imagine your child has been missing for a few days. Your house is filled with police officers, news casters are outside. You are frantic with worry.

Then, someone asks you where the milk is. (Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.....It's in the f######g refridgerator!!!!!!! Where the f### do you think it is! What a stupid F#######g question!)


(I don't necessarily think that was very "eloquent," but you get the point... ;))


She compared this to a child in school who has OCD and who is so worried and scared about whatever they are obsessing about and about performing their compulsion. Then, in the middle of all this the teacher asks them to find something or do something. This might help explain why a child would respond to a teachers request in an angry or frustrated way.


She really tried to get us to visualize this situation and gave it time to sink in. Of course the room was full of parents, so you may have to modify for teachers that aren't parents and get them to just think about someone they truly love and care for and who is also somewhat vulnerable or dependent on them.

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Thanks you guys! I was at one of the Yip presentations that year - can't recall if it was the same one or one for kids where she talked about always needing to take a picture of her sister to preserve memories because her OCD told her that her sister was going to die the next time Jennie let her out of her sight.


PowPow - no presentations for me - at least not nationally. I'm pulling together a presentation for educators right now and in the past two days, have gotten two groups to say they want me(& my new boss) to make presentations to their staff in Feb & March. As a hand out/leave behind, I'm going to make a list of "one liner" examples that a teacher or parent can refer back to and remind themselves of some of these ideas and hopefully draw from the empathy well. I'll post something when it's done.

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I think an empathy course is a fantastic idea!

To further on your idea; the technological advancements of today with virtual and augmented reality offer the the very best chance at being able to simulate another's unfortunate reality. This should be of paramount  importance to professionals in the education sector, who as teachers in positions of influence, have an unequivocal responsibity to cater for the unmet needs and unrealised potential of millions of lives. 

Another exciting prospect is that simulated experiences would truly help to breakdown the stigma and social marginalisation of said individuals the world.

afterall, in relative terms, it's very hard to hate or descriminate anyone once you truly understand them.

Once again, fantastic idea!

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