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Do not lose hope. You have not been addressing your daughter's infections for very long - it really does take a while to find the proper treatment for lyme and coinfections, and to allow it to work. Our LLMD feels that DD11's PANS/vocal/motor ticcing symptoms will clear with coinfection treatment. For her, treatment for bartonella reduced them drastically, treatment for protozoan infections (babesia, toxoplasma etc.) has resulted in almost complete remission (still a little shin pain while tearing up hills after sledding down). We are currently pulsing combo abx 3 days/week.


The book is probably worth it if it can give your daughter some tools to help cope with her OCD/ticcing. My daughter is attending weekly group behaviour therapy sessions. She is helped there to understand when she is losing control (raging, frustration etc.) and how to better deal with her feelings and reactions.

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