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Goodbye Vocal Tics. Stool Transplant on Wednesday

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My daughter finally consented to the stool transplant. I'm so excited. They are claiming it cures a bunch of immune disorders, getting the right, bacteria fighting flora back in the gut. Our Primary care had even heard of it and was super excited about setting things up for us. She told me about even more immune diseases it has stopped.

They have even found that if you are heavy and find a healthy, naturally skinny donor, you will become skinny! I'm searching for that one for myself! Keep us in your prayers that it works!!!!! Wednesday at 7AM!!! You know you have a good friend when they will donate for you!!!









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Nancy, this does sound amazing... Almost too good to be true! I wish you and your daughter the best. Please keep us posted. I was wondering... You said 'good bye vocal tics'. Have you been told that it specifically can help with that? My daughter has vocal tics and lately they have been so bad. I am not sure what to do at this point. Also, how can you tell if the donor has a healthy gut? Are there tests for it? Thanks!

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