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Terrified - Dental Surgery For 4 Year Old Son With Tics


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Hi, my son has developed a tooth abscess that will need antibiotics and possible tooth extraction.


I am terrified because I am afraid the antibiotic will make him tic more (can't get anything without dye and flavoring) as well as he had a tooth extraction done in May 2012 on Midazolam (conscious sedation) and is was after this procedure that his tics started - within 3 weeks.


Just feel very scared that this might make it worse but at the same time, I have no choice - anyone ever deal with this and what did they do?



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some generic versions of antibiotics do not have the dyes/flavors in them. A compounding pharmacy can also make up one without the additives for you if you have the prescription.


You could also try some natural methods to bring the abscess under control. Garlic and honey on the abscess is an age old remedy. You peel the garlic and cut off a piece from the clove and then have your son gently chew on it in the area of the abscess and hold it there as long as possible. Honey adds to the effect and soothes the burning that garlic can have.

Oregano oil is a potent antibiotic but needs to be diluted as it burns

Olive Leaf extract and monolaurin are also powerful natural antimicrobials

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Hi - did they use nitrous oxide in addition to the midazolam. It's just that for some people that have a specific genetic polymorphism that interferes with their ability to methylate properly, nitrous oxide can be an issue. In rare cases. it may even cause death although thsi is very uncommon, I believe. I think it has to do with a precipitous drop in B12 and was wondering if this could have had an effect on ticcing in your child.


Dunno just an idea.


It is also possible that the ticcing could be as a result of a reaction to bacteria that could have been released during the procedure. Have you considered PANDAS/PANS?


Just ideas, good luck. Hope the dental goes ok.

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Hi, we are considering PANDAS now. It has been a few weeks on the natural antibiotic including silver nitrate on the tooth abscess and while it subsided for awhile, it is back.


Obviously the best thing is for the tooth to come out but I have read that tooth extraction can make PANDAS /TICS worse -(and in my case I think brought on the ticcing).


Just curious - how long would it take to see the if the amoxcillin make the ticcing worse?


I got a dye free version but still has all the flavoring etc... I am just terrified that his tics will get worse and not go away but obviously everything we've tried to get the tooth abscess down, although it worked initially is no longer working.


Please advise if some of you have tried amox and it's been okay.


Also how long do you keep your kids on antibiotic after the dental procedure.



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Hi - I wouldn't be too scared of the amox. I'd think if it were to have a negative impact on tics, you'd notice pretty quickly. For a positive impact (in the event of PANDAS), it could help right away or it could take longer. My child just turned 5 and has been taking Augmentin (which is Amox + another antibiotic) for 2 months now for suspected PANDAS. It wasn't until the 5th week that we noticed a huge improvement, and I'm still not sure if the improvement can be attributed to the Augmentin or to natural waxing/waning or to other things we are also doing (vitamins, supplements, diet, etc.). Anyway, good luck & keep us posted on how everything goes.

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