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Happy Holiday!


How much vitamin c do you give your kids? DS (14.5) spent night asleep in the bathroom and want to figure out something when he gets out. We probably won't hear from doctor until tomorrow afternoon. Also, thinking if trying Pepcid.




Why is he in the bathroom? Is he nauseous? Or is it his OCD? Did he sleep at all? First I would try Motrin full dose 4x a day. Just until you can get on phone and get more abx. So sorry you are dealing with this on Christmas.

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I think I might be a little careful about going too strong with Vitamin C since the body excretes what it can't use, and that might contribute to some more "bathroom" issues which he might see as justifying his OCD behaviors, if you get my drift.


I like the idea of putting him on an ibuprofen regimen, and I can personally vouch for Pepcid being a worthwhile trial, also. It can tamp down the anxiety if too much histamine is contributing to that at all.


Other ideas until you can get hold of abx: valerian root, melatonin, D3 (anti-inflammatory).


So sorry! Let us know how/if any of our ideas help at all, and what the verdict is once you can get DS to a doctor!

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