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Books for Teens?


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Does anyone have any book recommendations for teens with PANDAS/PANS or about OCD or CBT?


I would love to have something that DS, 14.5 years old, can read. So far I've only found adult literature about living with OCD or childish books.


Thanks in advance,


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I don't know of any books personally, but my DD 19 spends an inordinate amount of time watching Monk DVDs.


Amazon shows this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Ray-Hope-Teenagers-Compulsive/dp/0578070324/ref=pd_sim_b_5

Warning: This child's OCD had sexual overtones so you need to weigh that in you DS's case.


There is also "Talking Back to OCD," which is billed as a handbook for children and teens.


"Saving Sammy" by Beth Malone is not intended for teens, but I think it would be perfectly suitable fare.


Some other choices are reviewed here: http://www.freewebs.com/annekeller/ocd.htm

(These include: Kissing Doorknobs, Multiple Choice, and Not as Crazy as I Seem)

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There's also a book written by Elizabeth McInvale (for a period of time, the IOCDF's spokesperson) that's autobiographical in nature; it's called "Kissing Doornobs." My DS read some of it, though I don't think he ever finished it. It might be more relatable to a female teenage audience than a teenage boy, but it seemed to set off some bells for my DS.

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I just remembered another one . . . not strictly for teens by any means . . . but my son really enjoyed it.


The autobiography by Howie Mandel ("Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me") is riveting. It mixes some heartache with lots of humor, but it definitely gave my DS someone he could relate to. Not a "how-to," but a human story about what it's like to discover you have OCD, and then how you deal with it out in the world and in your private life. Great read!

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