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504 Plan

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I have a meeting this afternoon with the school to go over our ds 504 plan and I'm wondering what others have asked for on their 504 plans. I just want to make sure I don't leave anything out.


Your help and comments are much appreciated.



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I think it really depends on your child's specific age and needs (especially during exacerbation) and their PANDAS presentation (i.e., predominantly OCD? predominantly tics? regression? small motor difficulty?)


Here're a few things we used in our 504 when DS was in elementary school:


  • Notification of strep and/or other major communicable illness in the school.
  • Regular communication with teacher/psychologist/principal via email.
  • Alternative activity for small motor-challenging activities such as detailed cutting with scissors or extensive writing assignments.
  • Keyboarding and/or scribing (dictating to teacher, aid or parent) instead of handwriting long assignments.
  • Extended time for assessments, homework assignments and/or projects, as needed.
  • Preferred scheduling to accommodate sharing classes and lunch period with at least one good friend.
  • "Cooling off" space to allow DS to gather himself, away from his peers, if he became overwhelmed.


Things changed for junior high and high school because the situations and expectations changed.

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