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HIGH coxsackie A & B IgG and IgM

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I have read all of the threads on coxsackie I can find, but am still confused. Can anyone comment on this please?


Three of my kids just tested High for all coxsackie B titers and most coxsackie A.


Coxsackie B 1:256 HIGH (normal is <1:8)


Coxackie A IgG all were 1:1600 (normal is <1:100)


Daughter was IgM negative for coxsackie A, yet two sons are both IgM positive.


I have a phone consult with Dr T this morning. Are these viral loads high or very high? None of my kids have ever had any of the typical coxsackie symptoms.





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1:1600 would be considered very high. 1:256 is high.


We too had no obvious signs of Coxsackies until we started treating. It seems like every time we rotate anti- virals and sometimes antibiotics between 3 and 6 weeks we notice a little viral flair 'mouth sores, rashes that appear to be Coxsackies on my DD rear end, etc'. We have used predominately herbal anti-virals and not pharmiceutical anti-virals. That may change with most upcoming titer results. A couple of good herbal ant-virals off the top of my head are Olive Leaf Extract '2000 m.g. per day', Viragraphis + Engystol, Bryon White A-C specifically formulated for Coxsackies, Lomatium, Andrographis, Lauricidin, etc. We rotate about every six months or so. We do notice a herx like response from most anti-virals.


It is important to track direction of titers and of course clinical symptoms. Now that you've tested you've got a great baseline for treatment. We recently retested titers and will get results this week. We have been treating for 2 years and titers were still considered very high in the 800s last February for one child.


Hope that give you some perspective

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Just thought I'd update since we reran Coxsackie's titers and just received results yesterday. Older DS titers are down to 1/200... so, although still positive they are no longer in the 1/800 range or higher like they were last year and year before. All other viral numbers are now sub-negative as well EBV, Parvo B19, HSV. Unfortunately, HHV6 was accidently left off lab request. We are very pleased with results because the titers are moving in the right direction. He was also positive for EBV and HHV6. Again, we did a rotation of herbals throughout the last two years to treat.


We still need to recheck younger DS and younger DD viral titers.

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