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Ds getting sick


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Hi all - been a while since I've been on forum (computer broke down)....ds8 woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat. Dd5 and I have been sick for just over a week now. Ds8 is on prophylactic abx. He had increased tics last night but tics back to normal all day today. Should I be increasing his abx to treatment dose right away or wait for symptoms? It becomes a bit tricky for me because he reacts to azithromycin so I am afraid if I increase the zith and his tics get worse (as they usually do), I won't know if the tic increase is because of the zith or the infection. I've been pondering this all day and still have not decided what to do. I have been trying to have his abx switched to something else but after 4 e-mail attempts to Dr. T.....have yet to hear back from him. Ds is completely normal right now, it's just when I ask him if his throat hurts, he will swallow and say "a little bit". What would you do?

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There are lots of viruses going around and it may not be bacterial. DD11 had a huge sore throat last night and we had to cancel Girl Guides. She had an epsom salt bath instead. I dosed her with zinc, vit C and ColdFx and she was almost better today. We are between pulses and I thought "should I start pulsing early?", but decided against it. It's so easy to put your mind in overdrive, isn't it?


Have fun in NY!

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Does this illness have congestion? 90% of the time strep is NOT accompanied by congestion- so this is a good clue.


If you have not been at this (pandas) for long, I would have a throat culture a few days into illness, to be sure. We did this for about a year, but realized that we do not have any major strep issues- so now we don't run to the doc every time. Sore throat w/o congestion, headaches, stomach aches or fever could be signs of strep. Have a culture, not a quick test.


If it is a cold/ virus, I normally put my kids on antibiotics (they are not on regularly) and dose regularly with advil (3x/day) for a week. My kids usually do react to illness.


If I were you, I would probably wait until I saw pandas symptoms to change any meds. However, be aware that there are some initial warning signs of pandas (for us), prior to major symptom appearance. We see emotional lability, negativity and difficulty eating. The minute you see this I would start the advil. Do not miss a dose. If the zith causes tics- I think I would hold off, and hope the advil will be enough.


We see dr T too, this protocol has worked really well for us for the last 2 plus years.


If there are symptoms that are not controlled by abx and advil, we move to steroids.


Good luck!

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