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Calling MTHFR geeks


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I need some "peer review" from my MTHFR geek friends. I belong to (and write for) a support group of parents who have kids with a wide variety of diagnoses - ADHD, bipolar, ODD, SPD, FASD...and most of the parents have never heard of MTHFR. It's too complicated to do it justice on Facebook (which is not my favorite platform anyway). So I've drafted a blog article to introduce the topic to parents who might want to explore it more. It isn't a nitty-gritty, how-to article. It's just an intro - this is what it is and this is why you might care. But I need a few sets of eyes to look at it and make sure I haven't left out anything important and on the other hand, haven't made it too complicated.


If any of my geek friends are willing to be an editor, can you PM your email so I can send it to you for your feedback? Thanks!

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