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Are you using only methylB12? For MTHFR, you need 5-methylfolate plus methylB12.


But when we started, we put 5ml of water into a medicine cup (the one that comes with any OTC medicine) and added one drop of methylfolate. I then dissolved 1/2 tablet of methylB12 (500mcg) into the cup and had DD drink it. Did this for about 2 weeks, then built up to 2 drops, then 3. Three drops turned out to be too much. We've backed down to 1 drop plus 1 whole tablet of methylB12. But your needs will be different. Best advice is to start slow. If you see any symptoms go away (rages, mood swings, depression, self harm) and then come back as you increase dose, that's a sign you may have gone above what she needs. You can then back down and hopefully see improvement at the lower dose.


You may also find it helpful to avoid things with regular folate - fortified cereals, multivitamins...

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