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I am in Salem, MA, but a family from Portland contacted me today about our support group. About a week ago their son started ticcing. They haven't seen a doctor yet, but are wondering if it is PANS. I was hoping to steer them in the right direction for a quick local doctor. I know some of you have seen Dr. Price. I saw a post about Dr. Wu. Is that doc also in Maine.


If you have seen any good Maine docs that would be a good first stop until they can get to an expert, could you please post, PM or email me some info to pass on to them?




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We are from Maine and have seen both Dr. Price and Dr. Wu. Dr. Price no longer treats PANS and Dr. Wu, although he will treat, I don't think he treats agressively enough. Best to call Dr. T. in Ramsey NJ and do a phone consult, then follow up with Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu tends to think more yeast but did not look for infections and there were quite a few.

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i live in Nh, Portsmouth. I called around to all Maine docs that are on PANDAS list and no one does PANDAS anymore. Our strategy now is to get to MAss general, one of the chief PANDAS drs, and dr. Hubbuch in Watertown.

I don't think there is anyone North of Boston who can help our kids and would like to hear if there is someone.

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