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Hello to all - Don't get your hopes up but... I think I can show y


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Hi all,


This is my first time on this forum.


I watched a Tourettes documentary ("The Town That Caught Tourettes") on British TV last night and it affected me so strongly that the next thing I knew I put a site together with my own insights into Tourettes. I just finished it and wish to share it with you. I hope it's okay.


Why would my opinion matter? Well, I've had it since I was 9 - and I'm 55 now. I CONQUERED it "more or less" by the time I was maybe 13 and totally won the battle well before my 20th b-day. I STILL have it, but it's more or less completely "in check". I believe I can show you how you can do it in a tenths of the time...!


I have some pretty good insights into the whole thing, I'd say. Oddly, all these years I never took the time to share this with anyone - mainly because I sort-of assumed I was "the only" one who had it, lol. The documentary (full of gross errors, as far as I'm concerned) last night jarred me out of my complacency. And when I saw what people think about Tourettes - and contrasted that with that I KNOW first hand, for myself at least, I had more than enough to put a half-decent site together.


Since there's quite a lot of stuff I wrote about this, I hope you'll forgive me if I give you a link to it. Rest assured that it is ENTIRELY NON-COMMERCIAL: http://www.nomoretics.com - and feel free to reply/comment/ask on this forum if it's more convenient for you.


I hope you can use some of my tips to GET WELL!


best :) paul

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Hi Paul,

I'd just like to say that your website really "spoke to me"! and I'd like to try a few things you mentioned with my almost 10yr old daughter (TS since 4.5yrs). We live in Australia, and although there are some resources here for TS, there are far fewer professionals who have dealt with TS, so I don't know where to go for help.

However, your techniques make a lot of sense - especially coming from an adult with the actual disorder! I don't know how much a 10yr old will accomplish just yet, but will talk to her and see what she thinks too, as she's going crazy with tics at the moment.


Thankyou for sharing your information and providing your much needed insight.

(my daughter LOVES music too!) :)

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