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Does anyone have any ADHD tips?

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Have you ever heard of interactive metronome? My 17 yr old son went through it on recommendation from our Dr. and I fell in love with it. It helped him more than any med we ever tried and more that a year of psychotherapy. He is so much less frustrated now, able to express his thoughts, focuses much better. It's worth looking into. www.interactivemetronome.com

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my son has adhd and aspergeres syndrome and he also takes fish oils, optimim oils and multi vitamins with high B vits and magnesium. i researched this at great length and also took him for an intolerence test that confirmed my suspiscions that he is allergic to all milk but also found that he was allergic to aspartamine (sweetners) and mildly to wheat. This is the absolute easiest way of explaining the supplements without having to do all the research! There is a definite 100% improvement but remember the fish oils take about 2 months to get in the system. I also changed the vegetable oil to olive oil and took out most junk food. we did go extreme at first to organic etc and there was a difference but not so much as the hecticness of the diet itself! I have to say, the sweetners was an eye opener in itself. Personally, I would reccommend all kids with or suspected adhd to have the allergy/intolerence test before accepting any meds as you may find the adhd symptoms may be triggered by something not adhd at all! however, like i say my son does have adhd (no doubt about that lol!) and is still on Concerta, purely cos i can't find a consultant to help try and wean him off, so if anyone recommends anyone it would be greatly appreciated. Sally (North wales - but prepared to travel if necessary!!)

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children are usually suffering from an environmental insult such as mercury in vaccinations (Thimersol) or some other heavy metal exposure.

I've been catching up on reading posts and recalling various things like this but not this, and it struck me: "Ya! I almost forgot about the infections and auto-immune flareups I got from vaccinations and the metal exposures I got from being around my dad's paint company. I'm getting verklempt again!

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i also have a son that HAD tourettes and adhd.  he still occasionally gets hyper until i figure out what the trigger was and treat the allergy, other than that he is awesome.

I have PANDAS/ADD and can 2nd what you say; I especially like the 'awesome' part! I found out in researching that PANDAS can result in similar behaviors to Tourette's; for example, I get tics, esp. during flareups, and have some repetitive/ordinal behaviors, as well as allergic sensitivities. Would you say that PANDAS/ADHD and Tourette's/ADHD are similar as far as your experience and treatments are concerned?

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I would recommend the following books: Healing ADD by Daniel Amen, Getting Rid of Ritalin, by Hill and Castro and The ADD Book by Sears and Thompson. All of them discuss using neurofeedback, diet and other drug-free measures.

Another great and colorful self help book loaded with tips for a child in the classroom is BEING IN CONTROL with Amazon and the video BEING IN CONTROL : Natural Solutions For ADHD Dyslexia and Test Anxiety

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HI Jerry,


Here is some more helpful information about Child Attention Deficit Disorder Help


Child with attention deficit disorder can be helped in many ways.

Let Your Child Know That You Care For Him Or Her


Above all, you should let the child to know that you care for him or her. Sometimes youngsters may think your opinions of them have changed and that you think less of them after a diagnosis of child attention deficit disorder.


For this reason let them know that this is not the case at all, even share an deficiency of your own with them to let them know you work on issues, too, and did as a child.

Support Them


Also, let children know that you support them in their challenge and struggles with attention deficit disorder. And try your best to express your support with positive remarks, praise, encouragement and any help you can.


Just as everything else, there will be good days and bad days in dealing with the attention deficit disorder. And no one is perfect. So remember the better days when bad ones roll around and keep on hanging in there! It may help a lot to keep a journal.

Make A Note


Make a note of factors such as school grades, pictures, etc. If possible, make it multi-media, and colorful. Then during bad times, you’ll have plenty of reminders in your journal of the progress to date and be proud and encouraged for the both of you.

Get The Information Regarding Child Attention Deficit Disorder


One more method of helping a child with ADD is to get help yourself. Learn all you can about child attention deficit disorder and get updated information regarding it. Clip magazine articles about attention deficit disorder and follow up with any resources they share. Reach out to ADD organizations and get on their mailing lists.





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