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HI there

I am slightly overwhelmed by the range of supplements people suggest for helping TS. we are doing epsom salt baths and natural calm....but I want to get a good fish oil and any other major tic redUcers. does anyone know if bontech supplements are still running ? I would like to order some but I cannot get in touch with them. Anyone have any idea ? thanks so much

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thanks for that...

No we dont use a multi at all at mo - Im so confused as to what to get that I just havent got anything - are there key ingredients/ratios to look out for ? my son is almost 6 so it would be a child-friendly one needed.

I am assuming then by your link that you think Bontech still running ? I couldnt reach them via email and wondered if site is still current. Would those supplements be a safe start do you think? I am in Australia so unsure of what I can get here that is equivalent.

Chemar would you say then that the flaxseed oil is a better option then ? or should I try fish oil and see how i go ? again is there one I should look for - so many seem to have flavours added and I have read about getting the balance right with there ingredients also....again I havent worked out which is best so have put it off in fear of making him worse.

couple of other qs:

1) has anyone noticed a spike in tics with the intro of magnesium ? we have done eps baths and natural calm for a week now and he seems a bit worse. I know this could be unrelated but wonder if inititally i could expect an increase due to the detox effect of mag ??


2) can i mix natural calm into any drink or does it lose effectiveness ? I have put it in water and the kids hate it we just have the plain one as I was trying to avoid flavourings again....could I mix it into a smoothie/drink or something else to mask the taste ?


3) how long until people generally see improvements with magnesium ? I am conscious of not introducing too many things as of course then I wont know what is working /not ...so want to give each a thing a good go on its own...despite knowing that for most people it seems to be a combo of things that end up working and it varies between people. certainly not a quick fix is it ? :)


I am willing to do what it takes though, slowly but surely to know I am giving him the best shot at this not becoming a big part of his life going forward.

I cant thank you enough for the responses and advice. huge reassurance in worrying times, thanks

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I found it all so overwhelming too. I'll just mention what we did that has seemed to help a lot. We give dd (9 yrs) a teaspoon of magnesium in the AM and PM. She gets a multivitamin each morning. For a month we gave her two teaspoons of Colloidal Silver (one in the AM and PM) to treat any low grade infections she might have had. And we removed all gluten and dairy from her diet, as well as excess processed sugars. The diet was hard at first but get's easier as you know what to buy and fix. Thankfully dd loves fruits and veggies. DD has multiple motor and vocal tics that started at age 6 and got bad last August, but they are reduced about 90% now. We hardly even notice them anymore. No learning or behavior problems. We have an appointment with an environmental doctor in 10 days and we are hoping for more answers then. We have been waiting 3 months to get in with this doctor. I am suspecting heavy metals may be an issue since she is from China. Once we started the supplements and diet the improvements started almost right away and continued to slowly improve. The magnesium did not trigger more tics for dd.


Oh, one more thing. Our oldest daughter, who is an Occupational Therapist, has helped me set up an exercise program for dd using the book, "The Disconnected Child" Dr. Robert Melillo The theory here is that one side of the brain is weaker then the other causing an imbalance that can cause all sorts of problems for a growing child. Once you figure out what side of the brain is deficient then you do certain exercises to strengthen it. These same kind of exercises are used on stroke victims etc. with good results. My OT daughter read through the book and feels it makes sense and worth the try. We have been doing the program for about 3 weeks and so far, so good :) Kinda fun too.

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Hi -


I was told by a dr. who specializes in TS that Omega 3 fish oils should have a high EPA amt and a low DHA amt. Two good sources are Nordic Naturals EPA formulation and Omega Brite. Omega Brite can only be found on-line. EPA stabilizeses the nervous system but DHA is activating and can cause irritability and excitability. You should take 4-6 capsules a day. I have to be honest that my son does not take this because he won't take fish oil. I wish he would.

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