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Acetyl-Glutathione Tablets

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Sorry, I don't have an aswer for you. My son takes transdermal glutathione, which seems to be effective in bringing his levels up, though we haven't tested in quite a while. One of our docs said there's no point in taking it orally, but the other gives it orally, so I have no clue who is right.

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My son's doctor recently added acetyl-glutathione tablets (Allergy Research, 100 mg., 1/day) to my son's treatment. I know most tablet forms of glutathione are not easily absorbed, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this particular form. Was it helpful or did you feel it was a waste of money? Thanks!



*I read someone's testimony once, heard good things about this very product, and bought some. I am giving it to dd7 right now, but can't honestly tell you what effect it has on her.

Have also used the lipo glutathione.

I haven't had her glut tested, but tend to use it when she is on antibiotics, for liver health.

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