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Armpit Odor and Tics - Same time of Onset


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We're still trying to get to the bottom of our 6 year old DD's vocal tics.


One strange thing we've noticed that came about at the exact same time was under arm, armpit odor (BO). Like strong and potent.


Also on a random note, her hair almost always smells like urine. Always has.


But the armpit thing is new and its come about just as strong as the vocal tics... at the same time.


I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this because so far each doctor we've told doesn't seem to think much of it.



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Nothing really concrete to offer here, I've thought about it a bit ... seems oddly coincidental.


So with a grain of salt I offer basic speculation ...


The body in general will attempt to expel waste and toxins through the feces and the urine ... if for whatever reasons those methods are not sufficient or not working the body can expel toxins through the pores of the skin .. via sweat etc ..


So all I can say is perhaps you have a fairly toxic condition and the body is trying to get rid of it in any way it can?


Found this link ...




And some of it seems to indicate it could be related to kidney problems ... as I said, if the normal means for getting rid of toxins do not work, the body will compensate in some other way.


So my inexpert analysis would be to rule out kidney issues ... suboptimal kidney function causing a toxic build up leading to tics ? Don't know if that's even possible ... it seems an odd symptom, but there is a reason for everything, I would certainly look into it a bit, at least.

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