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halloween candy, sugar and yeast

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ds is not longer on restrictive diet -- previous strict gluten free, dairy free to relaxed GF/DF -- now free for all but fairly healthy. the latter part of this week, i've seen an uptick in quick frustration and school work irritation. also quick frustration with brother. his candy eating has mellowed out now, but wondering if big influx over a few days last week could have thrown his system into yeast imbalance. a normally healthy person should be able to process something like that but although ds is doing well, i wouldn't doubt his system could be thrown. started increase in probiotic tonight.

thoughts please!

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Yep, us too :)


We've been doing really well recently with both dd9 and ds5 showing negligible flares in response to 2 heavy colds, 1 possibly coxsackie but both dd and ds mildly flaring to Halloween. My ds especially, who is my yeasty child. We got some diflucan which I deliberately waited to start until after Halloween.


Yeast is absolutely a trigger for ds.

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Halloween is evil! My kids run around till they drop and don't eat any of the candy. They exchange it for money so they could buy something . Anyway I get lollipops from trader joes that I give them instead. So dd had 7 ( she snuck some) and ds had the same but I'm thinging how much worse are other kids with candy on Halloween and after and it does not seem so bad . They had a lollipop in there lunch for two days bc what kid does not have tones of candy in their lunchbox the next day. But since then notice dd more hyper then usual. Bouncing and on her head. Have been giving probiotics. I wonder also is the yeast is showing up again. U Wang them to have somewhat of a normal life but u know u will pay for it.


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