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Has anyone been able to get in touch with Dr B's office this past week? Our appt was canceled on Monday due to the Hurricane and the phone line has been busy ever since. I'm wondering if anyone knows if they're back or if the phone lines aren't working. I'm hoping to reschedule our appt as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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As of this morning, only 74,000 customers are without power in CT. Here's the outage map that you can check for regular updates. Hover over Darien/Stamford and it tells you exactly how many customers in each town are without power.


We live in CT. Darien and Stamford were hit hard. We saw Dr B on Wed 10/31.......in Stamford. Their Darien office has no power or computers. I spoke with Stella yesterday and they are still without power/computers in Darien. I was able to leave a message after hours and that's how I was in touch.

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