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Maybe figuring things out a bit...

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Philamom- there is a code number 3968 and then the doctor typed: (yeast / fungal culture, stool)


You go to Quest and give them the orders and then they give you a kit and you take it home, follow the directions (yuk) and bring it back to Quest. Helpful hint...lift up the toilet ring seat and place siran wrap across the bowl (hanging almost to the water) put the ring seat down and have your child go #2 on top of the wrap....make sure you have on gloves and then you can follow the directions in the kit.


Good luck,



I just noticed another code in the corner, so not sure what it means but just in case: 112.85

Thanks, Linda. We've done numerous stool tests from Quest but none match that code. The one's ordered for dd regarding yeast were fungal stain, ova & parasites, culture yeast w/identification, yeast culture w/direct fluorescents. I'll check again.

btw- our quest gives us a plastic hat to obtain a stool culture (sits under the rim). You may want to ask, if you have to do another sample.

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