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Rash (sort of)?

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My son was diagnosed with PANDAS by his pedi in the Spring and we are still trying to work things through (ie come up with a treatment protocol etc).

For the last few weeks my sons behavior has been getting worse...poor impulse control, constant state of brain fog etc. Tonight when I was applying his eczema cream I noticed a strange rash covering a lot of his body. This rash is not red, it is the same color as his skin and is tiny raised bumps. Almost like goose bumps but in a more inconsistent pattern. Could this be PANDAS related?

Thanks for your input!!

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My son also had this when he was younger mostly on the upper arms and legs mainly on the front. I asked many of our doctors about it but was always told it was allergy related. This was all before pandas reared its ugly head. I do think looking back that he had mild pandas as a young kid but because he was always treated for strep and symptoms subsided I never questioned it. He is now 12 and this particular rash is pretty much gone. You did not mention your sons age. I have no idea what caused it or what made it go away, but just letting you know that it gradually got better as he got older. My son is very fair skinned so it was pretty noticible when not coved up by clothes.

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DD11 gets this rash mostly on her chest, trunk and upper back, perhaps every 3-4 months. I have been sick with a sore throat for a couple of weeks, although I am recovering now, and she developed the rash about 1 week ago - it has pretty much faded now. Darned if she ever has it when we have a doctors appointment - we see the LLMD again in 2 weeks. She has not been sick, although she did have a bit of an emotional lability flare at the same time as the rash. All of her other symptoms are at a good baseline. At the moment she is taking azithromycin/minocycline/malarone.

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