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So me and ds ard talking today on the way to dance and somehow we get on topic of Christmas and new years. So he said when is Christmas and is it on the same day each year? I was like seriously you dont know what day Christmas is on and he didn't. He says i dong really thing about the day and its on different days each year but who does not know this. then we talk about new year And I ask him when is new year and he seems confused. I say dec 31 and he says jan 1 and then says maybe middle of jan. I am like when do we always celebrate and he is not sure! He knows or new this why does he seem so confused. I think at 10 years old you know the 25 and 31 for new year. The way he was talking he is not himself. So then call DH to tell him I am doing holloween party at ds school at no one will be at dd school for her parade and he says when is Halloween??? I am like the 31st!!! Okay what day is it on he says?? Okay I am sorry but after ds conversation and then this it annoys me. What is up with this.


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